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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2019 7:30am-7:45am CET

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it's a good reason this is not the kind of freedom that. how did you become a geek way to islamist terror. you see sir can i be more sitting as a result of. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sense of bias which starts april eleventh on d w. america's federal aviation administration tells lawmakers it can't afford to handle all safety certifications by itself at the same time going presents a plan to keep it seven three seven max in business off the two deadly crashes for that remains adamant that the seven three seven family is sites.
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recent threats against the e.u. the latest escalation of the little known phrase. and it's much more serious i think. this is the business. welcome to boeing attempts to win back the confidence of regulators and the public without inviting increased oversight it's presented proposed changes to flood software or in seven three seven max act on wednesday that's off the two deadly crashes involving the model in five months also on wednesday they head of the us federal aviation administration defended the agency's practice of relying on makers to help certify that own planes for flights he told lawmakers in washington that the f.a.a. would need ten thousand more employees to handle all act. internally. boeing has been demonstrating a software fix that it hopes will prevent any more of it seven three seven max passenger jets flying themselves into the ground scheme to show the world is on top
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of the problems that may have caused two crashes and killed almost three hundred fifty people. the seven three seven is a safe airplane the seven three seven family is a safe airplane family and the seven three seven max builds on that tremendous history of safety that we've seen for the last almost fifty years boeing says the software fix is almost ready to go but the u.s.s. safety authority the f.a.a. through that into doubt on wednesday denying it had granted provisional approval for the upgrade also on wednesday southwest airlines which has the biggest fleet of seven three seven max is revised down its revenue forecast he says the grounding of his planes has resulted in almost three thousand canceled flights the red is a good news came from the german carrier. he says he's considering a three digit order for seven three seven max is as it expands its fleet. monsanto has to pay eighty million dollars to an american retiree who blames this
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cancer on the weed killer round up seventy year old edwin hard of and have sued monsanto after using round up in his garden a jury have previously found that a quarter century exposure to the chemical glad to say well there's a substantial factor in the man's non hodgkins lymphoma case is a major setback for germany's buyer who has bought monsanto in twenty eighteen the company plans to appeal the verdict. now plastic has become a brain on maritime life recently a beached whale was found in its stomach forty kilos of plastic waste even though most of the plastic comes from the ocean in the ocean comes from other parts of the world the e.u. has now set an example no more strolls no more single use plastic cutlery no more cotton buds on wednesday the european parliament voted in favor of banning some kind of plastic and the experts say it's about time. disposable plastic was
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long thought of as extremely practical on a picnic for example you could use your plastic cutlery once then simply throw it away. but there are more environmentally friendly alternatives such as paper straws they decompose quickly and don't endanger marine animals such as turtles pollution by plastic straws has been known to kill some sea life eighty five percent of the trash in the ocean is made of plastic and most of it is disposable items. experts fear that by twenty fifty they'll be more plastic in our oceans than fish that's shown up in an attempt to at least slow that down european parliament voted by a large majority on wednesday to ban single use plastics from twenty twenty one. i mean if we don't change our ways now we will choke our oceans with plastic scientific evidence is undeniable so are the gravity an urgency of the problem europeans care about this and want europe to show leadership in finding solutions
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and raising the standards across the globe. the money factors of all products will have to be involved in waste disposal the e.u. wants to cut the overall cost of environmental damage by twenty two billion euros in the next few years. malaysia is threatening to ban all imports from the e.u. in a little known trade war that has been brewing for a while it's about oil and not crude palm oil malaysia is one of the world's biggest producers and the e.u. now wants to ban the use of palm oil and biofuels to stop rainforests being cleared for new plantations in retaliation poor says of bobo because european products and that may include a batch of your fighter jets currently under all that malaysia is also a big player in the asean community and could torpedo a trade deal with the e.u. that is also currently under negotiation. plantation owners started these fires
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they want to create new areas for their palm trees the fires are illegal but they burn again and again the government is trying to protect. the rain forest on biodiversity on the people who suffer from the effects of the smoke. the fruit of the palm tree weighs up to four kilograms the biggest consumers of the oil from the fruit are indonesia and china followed by the european union. it's chiefly used to cook with but is also often an ingredient in food or cosmetics. palm oil is also used as a bio fuel additive in the e.u. however that could end soon in an effort to protect the rain forest. the government in kuala lumpur is coming out in support of the six hundred fifty thousand small farmers whose livelihoods depend on palm oil it says hot the forests are now protected the focus has switched to increase productivity the government has even introduced their certificate for green plantations. malaysia has threatened to
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retaliate if the e.u. restricts imports there were reports of an aviation show in langkawi that the plant purchase of european jet fighters could be stopped instead chinese or other aircraft would be an option. that the three were one of the first asian countries to buy russian planes. and. the government has also threatened to boycott the planned free trade agreement between the european union and the association of southeast asian nations. i'm now joined by he's from southeast asia desk and joins me now from boss does give us an idea of the stale of this who is. the e.u. . malaysian market does not enjoy enough for leverage on the e.u. it's a dream it is the twenty first. it's like the twenty first largest market for. the e.u.
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and even factious trade deficit with the malaysia but having said that malaysia does have some sort of leverage when it comes to trade negotiations in the region i must tell you that discussions of discussions with malaysia have been heard since two thousand and twelve and with the current spot it does not seem that it's going to start anytime soon and that's a problem for the e.u. because even sees these feet it deals with individual countries like it's just scored with singapore it's in the process with vietnam as building blocks for a wider trade deal with as a region and dad the place where malaysia could but european union and specially when it works with into and then with indonesia which is the world's largest palm oil producer just how serious is malaysia to counsel here a fight or whether they get out i feel that's more of a pressure tactic. because. when it's just that because the next day
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when you see that just days after making that thread of the malaysian prime minister did seem to downplay his comment made earlier saying that no decision had been made and it was only a suggestion but having said that malaysian air force is known to actually take some strange decision and it's very likely that it could actually offer china because the consideration would be geopolitics and affordability. in bomb thank you very much. the u.s. campaign against china as well way is having little impact on the company's sales according to our chairman every sue he said in an interview that it is unlikely many countries will follow the united states in banning weiwei from building next generation mobile networks waddles trailer is banned well away from five g. networks over security concerns e.u. countries such as germany and france have indicated they are likely to ignore the
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u.s. calls a shot solves what. knowing you is the way we love you in the current context it sounds ominous huawei promises a super fast chip and artificial intelligence that can record and evaluate us and everything we do. the product we are bringing to the market is a product of the future and what does the future bring we believe artificial intelligence. thanks to while away the future has already begun for the state security in china as western province beijing has installed a system of total control to monitor the muslim minority human rights groups suspect around one million we girls are being held in so-called reeducation camps she enjoying is a testing ground for the latest surveillance technology in may twenty eighth teen ways form a germany are seen here on the left signed off on
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a cooperation agreement with china's state security while way was commissioned to develop an innovation laboratory for future surveillance technologies if it's happening in the context in which you're having hundreds of thousands of people being sent to internment facilities without a trial without lawyers that is a very worrying worrying development way maintains it's independent of the state but their website leaves no doubt about the closeness of their relationship the goal is to gather all personal data via the most intensive surveillance there's ever been the technology that's being developed in scene is not going to stay there it's going to go through the rest of china and eventually it will be brought into the belt and road project and throughout the world that is the vision that they explicitly said in their own press release beijing is exerting enormous political pressure beijing's foreign minister lectured europe that to keep well way out of the five g.
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market is simply immoral. but. we resist all. attempts to exclude and attack companies with baseless allegations for political reasons. click each. but while way is finding it increasingly difficult to present itself as a tech company just like any other. and that's it for me on the business scene and for business news on the background stories including the palm all trying to conflict between the lines at check out the w dot com slash business. say with the w four culture that's right after this quick look at global markets.
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first thing it's cool in the. first clueless. and then stores grand moment to run and join during a tang on her journey. you know we're going to return him into. entering a team returns home. that seventy seven percent.
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are younger than. me. and me and you. think you know what external voice is part. of the seventy seven percent we talk about. you this is where. the seventy seven percent starts april sixth on d w o. l o well. and culture all the way for the next quarter of one of the things we will be doing is walking on water with the artists christo well apart from that. homesick old platt who is determined to modernize the instruments image.
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for a new faint light. and going around the e.u. in our banking bread series the eastern european origins of the humble bagel. christo and his partner jacques claude have for decades created some of the most spectacular outdoor sculptures or wrappings of buildings around the world. they passed away ten years ago but how to already been involved in christos most recent mega project on a lake in northern italy in twenty sixteen all their works at temporary and disappear after a few weeks so the documentary walking on water about the floating piers is all we have to remember that installation christo was in berlin on tuesday evening for the premier. eighty three years old and completely undaunted the artist christo travel to cry.


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